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Public Montessori Schools in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District


Believing in the transformative power of the child-centered developmental approach developed by Dr. Montessori to provide children with a strong foundation for success in life, MDP is committed to supporting Montessori in the public sector and sees public Montessori as a way to transform education. MDP works in partnership with CMSD Montessori schools to support Montessori programming that is not covered by school-based budgeting and Montessori credentialing for CMSD educators.


Montessori schools have evolved from a 60+ year history of dedicated educators bringing the Montessori approach to children and families in Greater Cleveland, and a 45+ year history of public school teachers keeping Montessori alive in CMSD schools.


Located on the east side of Cleveland,  Stonebrook-White Montessori Campus  serves over 400 students, Pre-K3 through 8th grade and led by Principal Ariel Hayes. Stonebrook-White was formed from the merger of Stonebrook Montessori and the neighboring CMSD Michael R. White Elementary School beginning in the 2020-2021 school year.


Founded by MDP as a public charter school, Stonebrook Montessori launched in the renovated Amasa Stone House with a pilot class of 3- and 4-year olds in March of 2015 and opened officially in August 2015 for children PreK3-2nd grade. After expanding classrooms yearly, Stonebrook served children PreK3-6th grade in 2019-2020. Michael R. White Elementary School, K-8, has been a long-standing fixture in the Glenville neighborhood since it was built in 1921 as the Miles Standish Elementary School. Stonebrook’s founding principal Jacqui Miller now serves as CMSD’s Director of Montessori Programming.


Located on the west side of Cleveland, Tremont Montessori serves 425 children, PreK3 through 8th grade. As the only Montessori school in CMSD since 2005, Tremont Montessori traces its roots to Hicks Montessori, which started in 1984 and was the first CMSD Montessori school. Under the leadership of Principal Natalie Celeste and Mary Beth McCormack, the Director of Montessori Programming, Tremont Montessori is on a pathway to become an accredited American Montessori Society (AMS) school.

International Montessori Training Institute

The International Montessori Training Institute of Ohio provides training for Montessori teachers under the auspices of the global Montessori organization the Association Montessori Internationale. It also offers support for Montessori practitioners through online forums, webinars, and blog articles as well as professional development for parents and Montessori school communities.

Click here to visit IMTI's webpage

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Montessori For All Distance Learning for Equity- Video Series 



Montessori For All cares deeply about helping children unleash their fullest potential. Due to school closings from COVID-19, we began making educational videos to support our children and families at home. We share these videos with all of you so that—together—we can support human flourishing for as many children and families as possible. Please feel free to share these videos with others!


Click here to visit the Montessori For All webpage to access the videos

Hershey Montessori Adolescent Community

The Huntsburg Campus of Hershey Montessori School has a working farm, residential house, program barns, bio-shelter and classroom buildings on 97 acres of predominantly wooded land. It is the first farm school model of its kind to fully implement Dr. Montessori's ideas about education for adolescents ages 12 to 18.

Hershey Montessori children come from all over the world and represent a range of socio-economic backgrounds, races, religions and cultures. Because the Hershey Montessori program is tailored to individual developmental needs, students of varying abilities thrive as they learn to live and work together in the community. Parents are welcomed as partners in the ongoing process of preparing their children for life.


Click here to visit Hershey Montessori Adolescent Community's webpage

North American Montessori Teachers' Association


NAMTA continues to provide schools, teachers, and parents with the support to further Montessori principles and understanding. Our online store offers NAMTA’s rich history of parent education booklets, academic publications, DVDs, and other Montessori publications. School job listings and the online school directory will continue to keep parents and practitioners updated on Montessori schools throughout North America and beyond. Check our homepage regularly for updates and to access the most recent NAMTA Journals in digital format.

Click here to visit NAMTA's website

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