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Montessori Development Partnerships is dedicated to bringing human and financial resources into a coordinated effort that results in greater support for Montessori schools in North America.


Montessori Development Partnerships envisions more access to Montessori for more children.

"More Montessori for More Children" ~ Debra Hershey Guren Shares Her Story

Debra Hershey Guren discusses finding an environment where her children could discover their own potential, and her work with Montessori schools in the USA and internationally. As the CEO/Executive Director of the Hershey Foundation, Board Emeritus at Hershey Montessori School, and Executive Director for Montessori Development Partnerships, Debra has worked closely with Montessori families, children, teachers, trainers, and administrators in the United States for the past 35 years.

 Click here to see the interview.

MDP History
History of MDP


MDP was founded in 1990 by Debra Guren and David Kahn. Visit the timeline to see the history of MDP.

Montessori Children Studying
MDP Projects


Click here to see some of the projects developed by MDP.

City View- Donate to MDP
Donate to MDP


MDP is powered by funding from inspired individuals, foundations, and

corporations who share the mission. 

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